amalia camateros  n.d., (aust.)

Amalia Camateros, author of “Spirit of the Stones” is a Naturopathic Doctor from Australia, who has managed her own Natural, Holistic Healing center with over 14 practitioners for over fifteen years. During this time, she worked as a personal health consultant for INXS (Australia’s foremost and leading musical rock band) for 6 years. She is a Shamanic Healer, Psycho-Spiritual Counselor, Ceremonialist, Shamanic Priestess, Transformational Teacher and EarthSpirit Wisdom Guide, who inspires us to reconnect with Earth and our own body as a sacred temple of living spirit. Along with the extensive work experience she has as a Counselor and Healer, she has garnered a notable reputation as a ceremonial dancer and as a powerful facilitator of her shamanic based “EarthSpirit Dance™” workshops. Along with her own clients, Amalia is also currently working as a Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual counselor at The Sanctuary of Sedona, a Shamanic Recovery Center for Addiction.

the Naturopath

Australian born, Amalia’s bank of knowledge stems from over 30yrs. of practice in the arts of healing and the science of consciousness. Her connection with the Earth was first seeded at the age of 18 when she lived with the coastal Aboriginals of Northwestern Australia, and then with the elderly “wise ones” on a spiritual community working with the elemental spirits of nature. At nineteen, she lived in a Buddhist community called “Bodhi Farm” on the mid-east coast of Australia, where she practiced meditation and sitting in the stillness of living awareness. With her increasing studies of nature and its correlative influence on the human body, she attended the Southern School of Natural Therapies, Melbourne, Victoria, at the age of twenty to assist others toward their own path of healing and of living in their full potential being.

After graduation in 1984 she launched Peninsula Natural Therapies, a multi-modality holistic clinic with 14 practitioners in Victoria, Australia. Here she practiced for 15yrs as a doctor of Natural Therapies to administer in the wellness of body, mind and spirit. During this time she became a teacher of Foot Reflexology, training students at three different colleges. Along with the multi-modalities of natural therapies she incorporated Rebirthing, Counseling, and Dance and Movement into her clinic practice.

During her studies and clinic years, she furthered her education by delving into spiritual psychology attending:
•    “Loving Relationship Trainings” and Rebirthing trainings with Sondra Ray, Bob and Mallie Mandel and Frederick Lehrman.
•    Extensive trainings in “Genesis workshops” – The Art of Coming into Being and The Alchemy of the Soul with David Ward & Jani King.
•    100 days of silence, participating in ten, 10-day Vipassana Meditation retreats throughout the years with Dr. Goenka Ji, founder of Vipassana Meditation to further her inner awakening.

In the later part of her clinic years she became a personal health consultant for INXS, Australia’s foremost and leading rock band for 6 years. With them she managed their health with the use of natural remedies, massage and counseling, during their demanding tours and busy lifestyles.

the Neo Shamanesss-Priestess

In 1996 she undertook a modern renunciation to follow the Call of Spirit to retrieve the wisdom of the Earth from the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona USA. Here she has lived for 16yrs journeying into a Shamanic path and sitting in silence with the red rocks, where she listened and recorded Earth’s vital messages for her book “Spirit of the Stones.” In 1998 on completion of a 9-month priestess training, she was ordained as a Fellowship of Isis Priestess under the Sacred Union Lyceum of the Temple of the Living Earth. 

She has extensively traveled to sacred sites to further her awakening into Earth Wisdom and to connect with the Stone Spirit teachings. From the aboriginals of Australia, to the pyramids of Egypt, to the ancient temples of Greece, Italy and France, to the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan, Mexico and Guatemala, to the ancient Heiaus of Hawaii and to the ancient red rocks of the Southwest, USA, Amalia has dedicated herself to the appreciation our planet as a sacred temple of living spirit.


From Australia, Amalia was called to the Southwest, USA to retrieve the dormant ancient wisdom that was once coded in the red rock monoliths by the Anasazi Indians. Her book “Spirit of the Stones” is a spiritual journey that takes you on a sojourn through the sacred lands of Egypt, Maya, Hawaii and the Southwest to experience the depths of shamanic insights, synchronous encounters and transformative events.
Amalia currently lives in Sedona, AZ teaching the vital wisdom that she has retrieved from the stones and speaks on Earth Wisdom for conferences and events, and offers shamanic healing, personalized retreats and EarthSpirit Shamanic Dance workshops with the invitation to fully embody spirit into matter.


At the age of 20, she began her formal dance training at “Mangala Studios of Creative Dance and Yoga” in Melbourne, Australia of which she attended for 4 years during her naturopathic college studies. Under the guidance of Ms., Dorotea Mangiamelle, founder of the school, she learnt the art of creative expression through the movement of the soul. She also studied Jazz Ballet and Modern dance for 2 years at the “Open Stage Door” academy and classical Ballet in Sedona, Arizona.

For the past 11 years, Amalia has merged her modern dance training with that of the ancient cultures of the Mayas, the Australian Aborigines, the Native Americas and the Hawaiians along with the myth of the Earth to create her own signature of dance she calls EarthSpirit Dance™.
Along with her EarthSpirit shamanic dance workshops, which she has given throughout both Nationally and Internationally,  Amalia is equally known for her ceremonial dance of which she offers for the inauguration of special events and concerts.

Amalia has inaugurated events and incorporated her dance for events which have featured:

  • Amalia has Dance and movement section for Donald Neale Walsch 1998

  • EarthSpirit Shamanic Dance Activation: Sedona Rejuvenation Retreat with David Wolfe.

  • Dance performance with Lost at Last Burning Man 1999

  • The Road to 2012 Conference with Jose Arguelles. March 2006

  • Earth Dance International Mulitcultural Gathering. April 2006

  • Holistic Hawaii Expo Sept 2006

  • Robert Mirabal’s Pueblo Christmas Concert Dec 2006

  • Finding the Gift in Shift Conference with David Hawkins, Michael Beckwith and Daniel Brinkley 13th Jan 2008

  • Prophets Conference Sedona2007 with Alberto Villoldo and JZ Knight.

  • Earth Day “Earth Element” Dance with William Eaton. April 2008

  • Shamanic EarthSpirit Prayer Dance: SynchroDestiny Program with Deepak Chopra, May 2008

  • Dance performance inauguration for “The Return of the Elders Gathering” Sedona, 2009

  • Honoring the Sacred Living Waters at Sedona Living Water event at Angel Valley, AZ.