Dealing with Anxiety and Depression


If you are experiencing anxiety, worrying too much, and things are not working the way you want them in your life, its important to know that there are alternative ways to reduce the anxiety so that you can feel better about yourself and manage your life with more ease and comfort.

Anxiety is usually a result of worrying and stressing about something that may or may not happen in the future. Expending energy in the unreal or imagined as it hasn’t happened yet.

Additionally, if you also find yourself feeling depressed, then understand that depression usually stems from the past of holding onto emotions, guilt, pain, old wounds and negative thinking. 

It is possible for a person to experience both depression and anxiety together. For example, when a person feels bad about themselves, they can also worry that their situation will never improve. It becomes a vicious cycle and can lead to a range of problems if the root cause is not addressed and cleared.

Major life changes and challenges can also cause depression, leading into a “situational depression” (rather than clinical depression) which can be reduced and in most cases relieved completely through alternative healing methods.

Shamanic Healer Amalia Camateros, uses her natural intuitive gifts to help clients to overcome anxiety and depression.

If you want to have a fulfilling career, a loving ideal relationship, find meaning or purpose in your life, or eliminate worry so that you can achieve your dreams and goals, then Amalia can support you. 

Amalia draws from a vast bank of healing experience and shamanic focused earth wisdom to assist you in untangling your mind, release the emotional blockages and get you back on track with your internal spirit and with the spirit of the greater whole. 

Her focus is in helping you to get grounded in your body and centered in your mind and heart, enabling you to feel calm, reduce stress and anxiety, be more grounded and in charge of your life, chemical free!

Amalia will help you to get out of the head and into your body, and ground you with the earth to decrease anxiety, relieve depression and experience more peace and calm in your life.

Amalia Camateros offers a 15min Complimentary Phone Session to start you on your healing journey in getting you grounded and back into alignment with your natural spiritual self.

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