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Sedona Yoga Festival 2017

Tap into the power-point of Mother Earth, stand tall and powerful like a tree rooted to the ground of being! The trees teach us to plunge our roots deep in the earth, stand strong and mighty in our trunk and spread our branches high in the sky! Like trees we can receive the light and energy from the Sun and draw into ourselves the love and nourishment of Mother Earth. Amalia will teach you how to listen to the messages of Mother Earth and anchor Earth’s Wisdom into your own Body Wisdom. The Deeper the Roots, the Grander the Flowering Getting out of your head and In and Down into your body is where the power and vital force is anchored direct from Spirit. She will inspire you to live your life in sacred step and sanctity with the Earth, and teach you a simple Earth Chi process she calls The Inner Tree of Light a that will re-fill, re-fuel and re-enliven you in your daily hectic schedule.

Later Event: September 10
Bhakti Fest Workshop