Short description of the Earth Work, taking clients into the "glitch" of their interiors and connecting them into the core of the Earth and into the re-solution of their natural and abundant life force state.

Stone Wisdom: Listening to the messages of the Earth. 
How to get grounded, embodied and centered in your body and with the Earth.  Video by Wes Wacott

The relationship between Mother Earth and Father Sun and how it relates to the human experience of relating to the opposite sex and the dance between the polarity of opposites. Video by Scott Sordy

Ojai, CA workshop Spirit of the Stones-Listening to the Stone Wisdom and the wisdom of the Earth. Earth is asking us to Merge the Dualities into Oneness in order to make the next quantum leap of evolution.  Video by Wes Walcott

A montage of shamanic Earth Spirit dance performance clips, transformational dance workshops from Amalia in Sedona, AZ, Ojai CA and Byron Bay Australia.
Music by World of Good Fortune. Created by Skip Thomas

Ground, center and clear your energy. Stand as tall and strong as a tree with roots deep in the ground and branches high in the Sky. Becoming an antenna of light