5 Simple ways to get into your Peace and Calm

quiet the mind and let life be simple and wondrous

quiet the mind and let life be simple and wondrous

In the midst of our busy hectic day, we have all been challenged in slowing down to move through our day in peace and calm and get the job done! When we operate in high speed we have less control, with little time to make safe choices as to where we are steering ourselves. We need to slow down and change into a lower gear in order to turn into a new direction, slow down to read the signs, slow down to be safe on the road and enjoy the ride!

As we continue to speed through our lives, we loose sight of where we are, and then loose sight of where we are going...for how can we know where we are going if we don’t know where we are? We scurry along the rat wheel with “no way out’ but to keep up with the extrenous pace of our lives which leaves us irritated and exhausted with little time to replenish our energy and to rebalance our health.

We are human beings, not human doings, and have lost our direction in the signs of our times. Within the entanglements of our minds, we struggle to unravel time and space.  Add to this the eternal battle and inner war of opposites within the ping pong of the mind from right to wrong, good to bad, can I or can I not, we are robbed from experiencing life ‘as it is.’

The mind is dualic in nature, with the two brain hemispheres, the right brain offering the intuitive, creative outlook and the left brain the logical, linear and rational approach. Both sides afford us the opportunigy to bring definition and dynamism to use such criteria to determine our next move.

Many of us howerver, get caught up in the this and the that of opposites with judgement giving weight to one side or the other. Like a seesaw we descend and ascend within the fickleness of our mind.  It is when we have equal weight on either side and give credence to both sides as equally valid and divine as each other without judgement that the seesaw evens out in true balance. Eventhough we know we must balance ourselves, we are so stressed, anxious and are too busy to take the time to sit in quietitude. For it isin meditation that we can enter the ‘free zone’ that sits between the dualities and lets us rest in our bodies in peace.

The key words here for the our inner search engines to focus on are PEACE, CALM & BALANCE. Only then can we remain equanamous and observe in full without falling prey to taking the one side over the other.

How can we drop into the sea of presence and not get thrashed about at the surface of the ocean?  How can we in a few easy steps that take only 1-2 mins during our hectic day, re-mind, re-turn and re-set our conscious awareness into the peace calm and balance we long for?

Read each excercise and answer the questions below, have your pen and paper ready....

Use a “release breath” to drop the tension out - when you notice you are tense and racing to keep up...... inhale fully into the tension through the nose, hold your breath. In the holding sip more air in through the mouth and hold the breath again, then let it out through the mouth with a sigh. Yes a sigh that you can hear! Let it go and release it to Mother Earth so she can recycle it into a renewable source of energy. Try this a few times now.

Where do you hold tension in your body?

How does it feel to hold tension in this area?

Do you know you have the power to release pent up tension in a few clearing breaths?

Get grounded with your bare feet on the earth -  like a living solar battery that harnesses the energy from the Sun, Earth is a powerpoint from which we can refill and restore our energy. Stand on the Earth, feet parallel and shoulder width apart. Let your inner roots from your root chakra at the base of your spine travel down your legs, down your thighs, into your feet and deep into the Earth. Connect with Mother Earth’s strength, her power and the abundant life force energy that she offers to us in each living moment.

How deep do your roots go into the Earth?

What do they need in order to go deeper?

Where is your favorite place to plant your feet on the earth?

Let go of control - the anal sphincture is where we first learned control through “ toilet training.” Learning to hold our feces in until the time when we could get to the toilet. This area is where we hold on to “our shit” and unconscious tension. Take a release breath and follow it down to the anal region, let the tissues of the sphincture open like a camera lens and then see and drop the pent up tension from your body into the Earth, doing this a few times with the release breaths. Earth will recycle it into renewable energy!

How does it feel to let the tension go and give it to the Earth?

How does it feel to let go of control?

Drop from your head into your heart- Take a deep breath and let your exhale land on the soft cushion of your heart. Breathe into and focus your attention on your loving heart. See if you can listen to what your heart is saying or asking of you in that moment. This allows you to drop into the center of your being.

Can you hear what your heart is saying?

What is your heart asking of you in this moment?

How does if feel to be in the center of your being?

Listen to your body as the wise sage that tells only the truth- when you are stressed, sick or tired, ask that part of your body what it needs from you. Trust in the first thought, incling or feeling, as the body never lies. The more we listen to it, the more it can tell us.

What does your body need now?   Listen....

Do you listen to your body when it is trying to communicate with you or do you ignore it?

Amalia is an earth based shamanic practitioner and spiritual healer who helps you get back on track with your body’s health, your peace of mind and aliveness of spirit.

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thank you for reading!

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