3 Simple Practices To Regain Your Inner Balance – Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Are your days filled with from start to finish with an endless list of “things to do?” We endeavor to “keep up” but the treadmill seems to just get faster and faster, leaving us off-kilter, overwhelmed and alienated from our aliveness, of our balanced states of wellbeing.

We are inclined to reach out for that “something” that can reduce the anxiety, relieve the pressure and discomfort of our humdrum lives. Alcohol, cigarettes, computer, phones, hyper-alertness, the masks we put on to put on a “better face”are all used to as coping mechanisms to overcome the alienation that “too busy” can bring.

What can we do to liberate this extended version of drudgery and obligation of our unfulfilled lives? and what can we do to maintain our balance, energy and stay on track with our focus in our busy daily schedule during times of challenge?

In our Western culture we seem too overwhelmed and far too busy to take time to unwind. Many don’t have the luxury to spend extended periods of time out in nature or to go on a retreat getaway to simply return to our authentic relaxed selves. To restore our sanity, to give ourselves time to re-connect to our balance and spiritual energy. 
We need something that is quick, easy and efficient and we need it now!

Over the many years of psycho-shamanic counseling, I have developed a few worthwhile shamanic practices that take only a minute or two to do, leaving you with a marked difference in your energy, balance and attitude.

We need to get out of our head and drop into our bodies. The mind of duality reduces life to an ‘either this-or that’ option, boxing us into smaller and smaller compartments that are prefabricated through our judgment, limited beliefs and critical observations. By grounding our energy to the Earth, we connect to the healing power of the natural world. 

How can we do this?
Step out into Nature and put your bare feet on the ground, feel the coolness of the soil, the simplicity of the ground where you stand, with the “staybility” of the Earth. Take a deep breath into the head and follow the exhale all the way down into the base of your spine, into your root chakra.  Bring your awareness IN and DOWN just as the sun comes into the branches of a tree and streams all the way down the trunk and down into the roots and connects with the Earth. We too can take the breath of life and let it clear our minds and ride the breath of clarity all the way down our bodies and into our feet and into the earth following our own inner roots to let them sink down deep into the powerpoint of the Earth. (This can be done even if you are not out in nature as the Earth is literally beneath our feet at all times, regardless!) The sciatic nerves which extend from the buttocks and root chakra area serve as your own roots, and extend all the way down to your feet



Once we have our roots in the ground, we can draw up Earth’s life energy and vital force back up into our bodies, our trunks and up to our branches. Just like trees, we can become a fully realized antenna of spirit, with our roots in the ground and our branches high in the sky!

So that whenever you are feeling “out of it” with stress and anxiety, depression or overwhelm, simply bring your energy IN and Down following your inner roots to the ground, to the foundational support of the Earth.  Allowing you to connect with the greater part of your self, with that of Mother Earth! To be sturdy and strong on your own two feet, and to restore your energy, balance and emotional clarity. 







Our Seed Self was planted in our hearts, which connects us to the divine stream of love and light where pure spirit dwells. It is here where we get nourished and fed by the central force of energy- God.

The Heart is at the hub of our being, the mid chakra point between the upper and lower chakras…..this is the balance place where dualities of the above and the below can be merged, where the polarities of the Masculine and Feminine, the shadow self and illuminated self, the right and wrong, and between the this and that can be balanced.

The momentous energies presently are intense and compact, so not only is it important to ground our energy, but also to slow down and stand in the stillness that lies at the center of the spin of our complex lives.  “In the eye of the hurricane storm - the stillness lies at the center.” So too in the challenges of our own storms within the stress of our daily lives we can drop from the head into the heart where the stillness resides. 

The opposite of the “still point” is chaos, so the further we go out from our center, the more chaos we tend to experience as there is more and more stimuli “out there” to process. We need to know that we have a center point to return back to that will bring us back our sanctity, back to our calm and peace. 

How can we do this?
Bring your awareness IN from the head and DOWN into your heart. Close your eyes and take a deep breath into the head and then follow your exhale down till it lands softly into the heart. You can also raise your hands up to meet above your head as you take a deep breath IN and as you exhale you slowly bring the hands DOWN to your heart in prayer position. Making it your home base to return to again and again when things get hectic.

By regularly returning your attention back to your heart center, you make it a home base, where you can re-center, re-balance and re-store your balance.

To actualize your living Spirit fully into your body, is to feel your fulfillment, to feel connected to the greater whole and to feel the entirety of your body, mind and spirit in its free flow of uniformity. 

Now more than ever before, we need Uniformity….there are far to many factors that pull us out of our center point and take us up and out of our bodies and into our heads. Computers, business, TV, the pressure of keeping up, the stress, all steal our time and attention and lead us away from our intrinsic self. It is Important to keep on track, keep focused, keep our balance in check so we can make the right decisions in our lives.

The mind will lie, cheat and argue but the body is a place of truth, the body never lies, it is a pure expression of the universe. Look at our children, simple, pure and embodied! By being embodied and present in your body, we can become a pure antenna of spirit, anchoring the light of God into the body of matter, the expression of love into the physical and of light into the darkness. 

How can we do this?
Keep vigilant, keep focused and make it your practice to bring your conscious awareness back to what you are doing in the moment, back to your body. STOP and LISTEN to your inner gut truth, remember the body never lies. 

Going out to be with Mother Nature helps us re-connect with the greater whole, to re-member what is truly important in life and of the intrinsic value of being alive in a body…it helps us re-turn to our own true inner nature. 

So remember to ground your energy, center yourself in your heart and practice the art of embodiment to experience a greater sense of happiness, health and joy. 

We are human trees with our roots in the ground, trunk strong and sturdy and branches high in the sky!

I will leave you with these three questions to answer:

1. What message of wisdom do you hear when you ground your roots into the core of Mother Earth?
2. What is your inner heart asking of you?
3. What other ways help you to center and balance your energy?

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