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Amalia will be presenting two classes at the Resonate Festival

Ecstatic Dance Class:

Free motion dancing to music that extends from world music, electronic music, tribal, ambient groove, rhythm and base, latin grooves, hip hop, classical and psychadelic tribal trance. A space to work out your kinks, your tensions, frustrations, your gratitudes, your intentions, your manifestations on the dance floor.


Tree Spirit Rising: Roots Down-Branches High, grounding your energy and becoming an antenna of Spirit.

Tap into the power-point of Mother Earth. Ground your energy. Stand tall and mighty as a tree with roots deep in the ground and branches high in the sky.

Amalia will invite you to anchor Earth’s wisdom into your own Body Wisdom and activate your Inner Tree of Light to re-fill, re-fuel and re-enliven your body temple.

This is an experiential class inviting you to embody some easy practices to incorporate into your busy day that will ground your mind into your body, allowing a more conscious connection to the greater whole.

We will conclude the class with a shamanic dance journey to embody the wisdom we have discussed.


or contact Amalia on 1-800-393-2037  

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Amalia, author of Spirit of the Stones, is well-renowned not only as a psycho-shamanic counselor, wisdom and embodiment guide, but also for her EarthSpirit shamanic dance journeys that help embody her teachings.

Join Amalia for a dynamic, deep and yet light approach in utilizing the wisdom of the Earth, using breath, sound and movement to anchor and embody nature’s wisdom.

OCTOBER 11-13TH Jackpot Ranch, Verde Valley.

Earlier Event: August 12